Location and direction:

'Le Guischet' is hidden deep on a slope at Issac, a hamlet of the village of Beaumont in the “La Drobie” river valley.


'Le Guischet' –Issac - 07110 Beaumont - France

GPS coordinates:


N 44.31,722 E 4 9,226

RD coordinates:

N 44 31 43,3  E 4 9 13,6

How to get there ?

From Calais (France) : 965 km, travelling time +/- 10 hours


• Calais to Langres via A26/E17 (via Reims) and after Lyon take the motorway A7 ‘Autoroute du Soleil’

Leave at junction 16 at Loriol-sur-Drôme

• Take the N304 via Privas in the direction of Aubenas

• At the roundabout just before Aubenas: take the new road D104 in the direction of Alès

• Follow the D104 in the direction of Joyeuse

• As you approach Joyeuse at the 2nd roundabout take the D203 in the direction of Ribes – Valgorge.

   Continue along this road.

• At the hamlet/restaurant ‘Les Deux Aygues’ turn left to cross the bridge

• At the end of the bridge turn left onto the D220 in the direction of Sablières – Saint-Mélany. Continue along this road.

• At ‘Les Pauzes’ turn sharp right in the direction of Beaumont

• You will drive through the hamlet of ‘Issac’ continue further up the mountain …

• Follow the sign to ‘Le Guischet’. (On the left hand side of the road)